Excel reports in surveys

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In the section of Reports, you will be able to download different Excel reports with the results of your survey. In order to provide confidentiality, the results will be anonymous, and the platform will only show results in certain departments or teams where the minimum of required answers is met.

You can view results by domain, dimension and item. You can also view them in web format or download them in PDF.

To download Excel reports, click on Reports in the survey and select the key indicator/domain that you want to review at the left side of your screen.

Once you chose a domain, click Export. You will have 5 different reports to download:

  • Report with hierarchies.
  • Export in Excel.
  • New report of domains.
  • Global report of additional fields (optionals).
  • Specific report of additional fields (optionals).

You can keep using the platform while the report is being generated. The report you choose will be sent to your email address once is ready.  

Report with hierarchies

The report with hierarchies is a report created to view results in a way that makes navigating between the different departments of the organizational chart easy. Every sheet corresponds to a different perception level and it also includes one sheet for the Monitoring section. 

Perception sheets

Every level of perception will have its own sheet. The header will show the name of the department that was selected when downloading the report and the date of the download.

  • Columns of areas: Shows every area to which the user who generated the report has access. 
  • Columns of results: Shows the score of every domain, dimension and question.
    • 5th row: Name of the associated domain.
    • 6th row: Indicates if the column corresponds to a domain, dimension or question.
    • 7th row: It's the name of the domain, dimension or question.
  • Columns of hierarchy: Shows every department in order, from the lowest to the highest in the organizational chart, until reaching the selected department.

Monitoring sheet

Indicates the answer rate by department including the whole organizational chart. 

  • Columns of areas: Show the name of the selected department.
  • Columns of progress/monitoring: Shows information of the number of surveys that are completed, the total number of surveys and the answer rate.
  • Hierarchy columns: Shows information of the organizational chart separated by levels.

Export in Excel (Table of results/Open-ended questions)

The report Export in Excel allows you to download the table of results. The table of results corresponds to the complete table of results by domain, dimension and item or question. The table of results doesn't include the answers to open-ended questions.

The header of the report has the following sections:

  • Name of the survey.
  • Name of the selected department or team.
  • Date of download.
  • Name of the survey to which it is being compared to.
  • Score levels including their colors and the categories to which they belong to.

The table of results has 5 different types of columns:

  • Key indicator: Specifies if the row shows information of a domain, dimension or item.
  • Name: Question or name of the selected domain or dimension.
  • Department score: Shows the results of a department.
  • Comparison: Shows the results of the past survey to which the current survey is being compared to.
  • Sub-areas/Sub-departments: Depending if the report belongs to a department/area or team, these columns will show the scores of every team member or of every sub-department of the selected area. 

The report will have sheets for every indicator and an additional sheet indicating the number of answers, number of surveyed people and answer rate by department or team.

The indicator that's being reported defined by the results configuration (by default the highest/best one) will be shown in a matrix colored according to the different defined score levels.

Open-ended questions

The report Export in Excel also allows you to download the answers to the open-ended questions if your survey has them. Just change your view of results to the Open-ended questions tab and click Export and then Export in Excel to download it.

The spreadsheet will show you different sheets with the questions, departments and answers.

New report of domains

The report of domains includes one sheet per domain. For every domain, it includes different columns with information about the department, number of completed surveys, total of surveys, answer rate and score matrix for the selected area, dimension and item of the domain.

Global report of additional fields (optionals)

This report includes the score of every department or team segmented by additional fields/optionals.

Specific report of additional fields (optionals)

This report shows a more detailed view of the additional fields. It includes the score of every domain, dimension and item for every area/department or team segmented by additional fields/optionals.

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